Audits are a vital part of the management system approach as they enable you to check if you are meeting your objectives and show conformity to the standard.

We can conduct internal audits for you which means you can save time and costs by managing the audit process more efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of non-compliance across your organization and identifying areas for improvement more quickly.

The type and content of any internal audit will vary according to the size and activities of the organisation, but its purpose is outlined below.

Purpose of internal audits

  • Identify potential danger spots
  • Eliminate wastage
  • Provide a comparison between planned objectives and what is actually being done
  • Verify that corrective action has been successfully achieved
  • Confirm that everything is working efficiently
  • Identify non-compliance with previously issued instructions
  • Identify deficiencies within Management Systems
  • Recommend any corrective actions that could improve the system